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The following products are frequently used within the Aquarium and Aquaculture industries.  To better assist our customers, we have cross-referenced our complete product catalog and compiled the lists shown below.

Economy & Waterproof Pocket Testers

Application Models
pH pH600
pH/Temp pH55
pH/Temp pH56
ORP/Temp ORP57
pH/ORP/Temp  Multi-Function pH58
EC/TDS/Temp  Multi-Function EC59
EC/TDS/Temp  Multi-Function EC60

Economy Portable Meters

Application Models
pH MW100
pH MW101
pH/Temp MW102
DO MW600
pH/EC/TDS  Multi-Function MW802

Meters & Controllers

Application Models
pH Mini-Bench Meter BEM101
ORP Mini-Bench Meter BEM500
Hi/Low Select pH Monitor MC120
Hi/Low Select pH Controller MC122
Hi/Low Select pH/ORP Controller MC125
Hi/Low Select ORP Controller MC510

Other Testing Equipment

Application Models
Phosphate Low Range Mini-Colorimeter MW12
Phosphate Low Range Pro-Colorimeter MI412
Ammonia Low Range Pro-Colorimeter MI407
pH/ORP/ISE/Temp  Multi-Function MI160
pH/ORP/TDS/NaCL/Temp  Multi-Function MI180
Salinity Refractometer - Digital MA887
CO2 Regulator MA957